Re: McKinley: Finally!!

From: whizbang <>
Date: Wed Feb 21 2001 - 16:17:22 PST

> Y'all will laugh at me, but I finally got around to hunting up a copy of
> Tam Lin at the local library. I've gotten to page 63 (first time in
> Prof. Evan's class). It's a strange read, but I'll continue. I'm hoping
> that the lady Janet saw in the red robe was a ghost.... I don't know
> anything about the Scottish story this was based on, so I'm reading blind
> right now.

*grins* i actually rendered Tam Lin as a fan fic, and found this page
*incredibly* helpful to the cause. it has about a dozen versions of the
legend, mostly in verse format and in differing degrees of, um... moral
looseness? the original *was* rather racy, and some subsequent versions
were toned-down a bit ^_^;;


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