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Date: Sun Feb 11 2001 - 12:08:10 PST

hello! this is very off topic, but since people on this list have given me good career advice in the past, i thought i'd ask again... i was wondering if anyone here could give me some info on a career in social work? specifically, although i'm interested in a career in social work, i'm terrified of having to take class(es) in economics(or anything involving math!). do you have to take any classes in economics to get your master's in social work, or to be licensed(i guess maybe that varies from state to state, which brings be to another question: i tried to access the licensing requirements for each state at, but it didn't work - does anyone know where i can find that info?) btw, to be a social worker, do you just need to get licensure in your particular state, or do you need some other kind of certification, too? also, do you have to have many computer skills to be a social worker?!:( thanks! the reason i ask about economics, btw, is b/c the career encyclopedia say!
s it's good to take economics cl
asses as an undergrad if you're thinking about a career in social work, but i have no math (or computer) skills, so that's why i'm worried. do you have to take any standardized tests involving math to become licensed in social work?(i already took the gre's[which i hope never to take again!] so i guess i can do gre-type math if i really have to, but i'm afraid i'd fail at any new math that i haven't already learned in high school!) however, the career encyclopedia also says an english major(which i have) is also good for a social work career, so i'm not giving up yet... unless someone else on this list expresses interest in this subject, please feel free to email me personally rather than the whole list! if i don't reply back quickly, it's b/c i can only check my email about once a week now. thanks again!

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