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>hello! can anyone recommend any good fantasy/sci-fi books by any of the
>following authors?:
>1. nicola griffith
>2. joanna russ
>3. katherine v. forest
>4. sally miller gearhart

    Sorry I can't help you with these, I've never read any of them,
although I do have Griffith's Ammonite and Russ's The Female Man has been
recommended to me several times now.

>5. also, is it ok to read mercedes lackey's _magic's price_ even if you
>haven't read the first 2 books in that series? thanks!
>take care,

    I'd strongly recommend reading Magic's Pawn and Magic's Promise first,
otherwise Magic's Price might not make too much sense, plus things that
happen in Price would be huge spoilers for the first two books (unless you
have read any of the other Velgarth/ Valdemar books). Also, it's good the
read about Vanyel's progress as a character throughout the three books. I
could go on and on because I love this series so much!

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