Re: McKinley: Recommendations

From: Tawen Chang <>
Date: Tue Jan 16 2001 - 21:35:42 PST

Hey Sarah,

Thanks for the recs. (And thanks to everyone else for their
recommendations too!) I have read some of the books you recommended, but
there's definitely enough to last me until Lirael/Leopard in Exile/Son of
Shadows/Sea of Sorrows come out.

In looking at the suggested books I am reminded of a very bad/weird habit I
have, which is that I could have irrational prejudices against certain
authors even though I have never read any of their books and even though
everyone else rave about them. Does this happen to anyone else? (For
instance, I have never (wanted to) read Guy Gavrial Kay, even though
EVERYONE I know recommend him.... Same thing happens to me with actors--I
can't stand Jim Carrey and Ethan Hawke, even though I have never seen them
in any movies.)

>I totally forgot to mention my favorite Tam Lin retelling (and generally
my favorite >book overall): FIRE AND HEMLOCK by Diana Wynne Jones. You
might have to >track it down in a library, as it is out of print.

Yes! I love this book. I read it a long time ago, and have been trying to
get it ever since. Haven't succeeded though....

>I have been trying forever to get my own copy of Emma Bull's WAR FOR THE
>OAKS. No such luck so far!

There's a copy on sale at ebay right now (or as of yesterday.) I am also
trying to get a copy of my own, which is why I check ebay periodically.
But the bidding on this one was already up to something like $20, for a
used paperback, so I had to listen to my poor undernourished wallet and not
join the bidding....


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