Re: McKinley: sailor moon cats?

From: Amy Anderson <>
Date: Thu Jan 11 2001 - 13:24:31 PST

>hello! i was just wondering if anyone here knows anything about the cartoon
>"sailor moon," and in particular about the two >>cat characters in it?

The Power Puff girls is a take off of Sailer Moon. Sailer Moon is a Japanese cartoon aimed toward teenage girls. It is about a group of teenage girls who were princesses of a world long ago that was destroyed. Now they were reborn and fight bad guys. The two cats are the girls connection to their past. Luna is sort of the lead cat. Luna is a girl and Artimis likes Luna. In the later episodes they have a small gray kitten named Diana. If you like Anime I highly recommend the series. If you do a search for Sailor Moon under any search engine you will get thousands of websites about Sailor Moon.

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