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> hello! this has nothing to do with robin(certain similarities between her
husband, >peter, and john lennon notwithstanding), but since i think i
remember some people on >this list having beatles-mania the way i have
tori-amos-mania(or robin-mania),

that was probably me :)

>could someone please tell me the titles of all the albums the beatles
released while >they were together(not tribute albums or singles, etc)? if
you're feeling really nice, >could you list them in the order they were

here goes...let it be known that this is from memory:

Please Please Me--1963
With the Beatles--64
A Hard Day's Night--64
Rubber Soul--66
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band--67
Magical Mystery Tour--67
Yellow Submarine--68
The Beatles (commonly known as the White Album)--68
Abbey Road--69
Let It Be--70 (but recorded before Abbey Road)

>and if you're feeling Really Really NICE, could you tell me what albums
john and >paul released after the beatles break-up?

There were a lot of them, and I'm more familiar with John's than Paul's,
but here's a selection, not in order:

Paul: Paul McCartney, Band on the Run, Wings at the Speed of Sound, Flaming
Pie, Run Devil Run (there is a huge gap in this list because I can't seem
to remember any of his albums from the '80s).

John: Plastic Ono Band, Imagine, Walls and Bridges, Rock and Roll, Double
Fantasy (I think that's almost all of them).

>can anyone recommend any good bios of john or paul?

There are many bios out for good ones, hmmmm. All I can say for
John is DO NOT read the one by Goldman (I don't remember the title or the
author's first name--it's either Albert or Alan). It is sick and libelous
and I think Yoko actually sued him and won. As for Paul, there is an
authorized semi-autobiography, meaning that he gave exclusive in-depth
interviews to Barry Miles, who transcribed them and filled in background
information to come up with a hefty book which I actually own and can't
remember the title of. There is also the Anthology book, written by Paul,
George, and Ringo with quotes from John, which I think is down to $40 at
Barnes & Noble. Of course, the official books won't be very objective, but
so much of the unauthorized ones are junk.

>what movies were the beatles associated with?

1. Their own...A Hard Day's Night, Help, Magical Mystery Tour, and Yellow
Submarine (they just wrote the songs; the animated characters were voiced
by other people).

and 2. others...How I Won the War (John), Wonderwall (George wrote the
music; not to be confused with the Oasis song or album or whatever it was),
Caveman (Ringo), and The Magic Christian, which I must plug: the premise is
that Peter Sellers is Guy Grand, the richest man in the world, who has not
produced an heir ("Despite the staunchest efforts on the part of my sisters
and myself...quite independently, of course"). So he adopts Ringo (who was
about 29 at the time), a homeless scruff that he finds in the park. Ringo
becomes Youngman Grand, and together they carry out a Grand experiment
proving that people will do anything (and I do mean anything...don't watch
it if you have a delicate sensibility or no sense of humor, like my
brother) if you pay them enough. John Cleese, Michael Palin, Yul Brynner,
Raquel Welch, and a news clip of John and Yoko make cameo appearances.
>is there a new beatles-anthology video, or just a book? thanks!

It is a book; there's also Beatles 1, a new compilation of their #1 hits
which is itself #1.

Maren Hanlon Williams
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