McKinley: beatles

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Date: Sun Dec 10 2000 - 19:00:44 PST

hello! this has nothing to do with robin(certain similarities between her husband, peter, and john lennon notwithstanding), but since i think i remember some people on this list having beatles-mania the way i have tori-amos-mania(or robin-mania), could someone please tell me the titles of all the albums the beatles released while they were together(not tribute albums or singles, etc)? if you're feeling really nice, could you list them in the order they were released?:) and if you're feeling Really Really NICE, could you tell me what albums john and paul released after the beatles break-up? can anyone recommend any good bios of john or paul? what movies were the beatles associated with? is there a new beatles-anthology video, or just a book? thanks!

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