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Date: Wed Jul 12 2000 - 20:09:38 PDT

hi! so what is the net address for the site with info on yahoo's robin-list?
btw, i just found out that marion zimmer bradley died last fall :( :( :(
also, i tried to post this message yesterday, but for some reason it didn't
work: one of my friend's just gave me a book called _the tolkien reader_,
which contains an essay of tolkien's contrasting his view of what
well-written fantasy should be like with the view of c.s. lewis. have any of
y'all read it? (about 5 years ago i corresponded with someone on this list
who was interested in the writing processes of tolkien and lewis, so,
georgia, if you're still out there and you haven't read it yet, this book
might be for you!)

take care,
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