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<< I must admit the reason I love it so much
 is because of the sexy John Cryton! I think that actor would make a good
 don't you?
 A long time ago, someone mentioned she thought the guy who plays Giles on
 BUFFY would make a good beast in BEAUTY. At first I didn't agree, but that
 actor is really starting to grow on me, & I think his voice is SOOOOOO Sexy!
 Ok, now I'm off to take a cold shower! >>

Oh now you have done it. I have to reread the book and imagine John Cryton
as Tor. Good call. But Giles as the Beast, I just don't see it. Maybe it
will grow on me too but I doubt it. I definitely see him as a more tragic
figure than Giles. Someone who starts out life as a charmer, a ladies man
and unknowingly very selfish. Then learns humility and human kindness
through hardship. I don't know Liam Neeson maybe. I will have to think
about that. Have a good night everybody.
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