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> mentions there that one of her new favorite shows is "buffy the vampire
> slayer"! (and she appears to be saying this in all seriousness... :) so, as

> of the show (i've never seen it before). do any of y'all watch it? what do
> you think of it? when/where does it come on?

I've watched it since late 2nd season (4th just ended.) It was really funny
and subversive. I think the end of steam is in sight, but it can still be
quite funny, and this season had two really innovative episodes, plus some
other really good ones. The spinoff "Angel" has been decent, IMO; ups and
downs. I tape both, and "Roswell", to give you an idea of my taste. (Used to
watch Deep Space 9 (as does Robin) and Dawson's Creek. Used to tape

The normal US time is Tuesday night, 8pm, on whatever station carries the WB.

-xx- Damien X-)
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