Re: [McKinley: SPINDLES END-----SPOILERS!!!!!!]

From: Morgan O.Hanzlik <>
Date: Tue May 30 2000 - 09:43:12 PDT

I just finished reading this lovely yarn, and I was impressed by the changes
she makes in the actual fairy tale. I will agree that I had to go back and
re-read particularly lengthy phrasing which was confusing, but in the end, I
had to admit that I am such a fan of Ms. McKinley's that I actually enjoy this
:). But mostly I wanted to say that the ending was so surprising to me. I
really didn't expect Peony to become the princess, and I didn't expect the
final confrontation between Rosie and Pernicia. It *almost* was a retelling
of the Hero, because she gets all these animals to help her and ultimately it
is the animals who control destiny. So, I suppose, there are so many
different things to say at this point, that I'll let the discussion start
here. :) Oh, and thank you Ms. McKinley!


Sarah Imholt <> wrote:
> Hey all-
> I think I recall somebody else saying they had read it, but if not, skip
> this!
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> OK-I finally got my hands on a copy of SPINDLE'S END and read it, and
> though I enjoyed the book, it is not among her best. I liked ROSE DAUGHTER
> much and this was a little disappointing. The storyline is great, but
> difficult to read. I don't know if she's getting more leeway with editors
> what, but this book was full of far too many lengthy parentheses. I had to
> keep going back and re-reading paragraphs because I lost my train of
> between all the dash marks and commas and parentheses, one after the other.

> The book could have used another phase of editing to tighten eveything up,
> including moving the frame of the story a little, as all the action happens
> just the last 50-100 pages or so. I kept waiting and waiting as I got
> and nearer the end.
> This book also doesn't have the emotional OOMPH I get from Robin's best
> writing, but I still liked it. I cannot NOT like it because I'm just too
> biased as a fan of her stuff!
> Any comments?
> Sarah
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