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Date: Wed May 10 2000 - 08:57:05 PDT wrote:
> hi! here's another one of my random questions: has anyone read any good
> (children's or adult) involving native american
> themes/folklore/spirituality/etc?

 Hi, Cameron! Look for books by Gerald McDermott. He writes good stuff for
kids with native american themes: Raven, Arrow to the Sun, etc. Also,
The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush, by Tomie De Paola (Illustrator) and The
Legend of the Bluebonnet, also by him, are good. My favorite is one about a
rock, but I can't remember the guy's name (and I think it's only vaguely
Indian... oh, well...). It starts with B and the story is about someone who
has a favorite rock. Anyone know the one I mean? Meanwhile, follow this path
at and you'll find a lot of ideas:
     Books > Children's Books > Literature > Fairy Tales, Folk Tales & Myths >
American > Native American

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