McKinley: Beauty revisited

From: Katya <>
Date: Tue Apr 18 2000 - 10:39:13 PDT

A week or two ago, we were discussing the relative merits of _Rose Daughter_
and _Beauty_...I, of course, put a vote in for both ;)

...So I decided to pick Beauty up again the other day, and I re-realized
something that I hadn't fully thought before: how well Robin has replicated
the categorical/cataloging tone of a traditional fairy tale. I don't know
that it appears as much in her later works...but that listing of foods, of
riches, of seems to come right out of Grimm's Household Tales, or
similar collections...

Basically, while Beauty isn't as "grown-up" as Rose Daughter (for good or for
ill, depending upon the beholding eye), there is a consciousness to the
construction of Beauty...a nice consciousness, IMO...the cataloging of items
works well to further make Beauty a wonderful "comfort book" & bring back a
happy childhood feel, whenever that need comes upon one..


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