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From: Katya <>
Date: Mon Mar 27 2000 - 15:33:57 PST

I'll speak up on behalf of RD--I thought that Beauty was a sweet, enjoyable
story, but that Rose Daughter was the product of a more mature writer...I
didn't find it confusing really. The roses were a metaphor for
love/relationships/beauty/happiness...and for all that RD's Beauty was soft
spoken and usually passive, she did have a backbone...and she had to actively
rescue the beast by reviving the roses...In Beauty, the heroine had to fall in
love with him, not fight on his behalf, so to speak.

RD definitely has a different, more mature voice, and the ending reflected
that as well...a more pragmatic and romantic ending, really partially because
there is a mildly bittersweet taste... Beauty takes the beast as he really is
to her...perhaps not as storybook, but I found RD to be a more substantial
work than Beauty. I love Beauty as well, but it has a different, more playful
feel...different books for different moods.


"Eli Grantaire" <> wrote:
Rose Daughter is probably the only Robin book that I've only read once. I
simply didn't get it. I much preferred Beauty . . . she seemed to be more
real . . . the other book was just soooooo far above me . . . maybe I'll
reread it in a couple of months and see if it makes any more sense then . .

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