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Yes! Great book!
If anyone wants anything explained, I can try, (I lived there two years, one
year as an high school exchange student, one as a middle school English
Someone else who likes Terry Pratchett!!! Whoohoo!

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> I finished that one a few months ago. I highly recommend it, it's
> intriguing on so many levels. You find yourself absorbed not only by the
> characters, but by the cultural references and explanations.
> @-}--Willow
> >
> > hey you guys, i just started reading "memoirs of a geisha", and i
cannot put
> > it down! go check it out from the library, it is the AWESOMEST book!
> >
> > p.s. for people who've read it, i hate hasumomoto! she's such a bitch!
> > (pardon my language)
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> make Steven Spielberg reach for his copyright lawyer."
> -Terry Pratchett, "Equal Rites"
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