McKinley: OT: Grandma Betty & power of prayer

From: Betty <>
Date: Wed Mar 15 2000 - 16:50:35 PST

All the prayers are defintely doing something in the heavenlies... guess who
called me this morning looking for DS "since Kendall wants to see her daddy"
and ended up spending the day with me? Yep, Shannon! She even let DS spend
some time alone with his daughter!

She and I also had a long talk about sin and repentance and the peace that
comes from living your life in God's way instead of your own before DS came
over and I think some good seeds were sown; however, she had to go back, since
she'd borrowed her mom's car to come and didn't want her to know she'd seen
DS. (Her mom has been trying to split them up since day #1) Watching DS's face
as he finally put DGD in the car seat (after holding her and kissing her and
talking to her in a soft undervoice for 30 min.) and shut the car door and
watched them drive away turned my heart inside out! I took a bunch of pictures
while she was over and ran them to a 1 hour shop right after dinner; dropped a
good close-up of DGD off to DS's new apt. roomies, with instructions to put it
where he'd see it first thing when he got off work. Hope it helps him a little
to at least have a picture of her. Sure helped me! (Kids each begged one off
me too for their lockers, DH scanned a bunch of them into the PC's screen
saver program. Now DGD is a screen saver!)

Keep prayers coming...

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