Re: McKinley: new author

From: Robin Kortright <>
Date: Thu Jan 27 2000 - 10:33:15 PST

hey everybody
I love pamela dean's tam lin from the fairy tale series - it's very
addictive, though my english teacher thought it was pretentious. I don't
mind, so long as I understand at least some of the references! the best book
in that series that I've read, though, is briar rose, by jane yolen. it's a
bit dark, but very intelligent and beautiful. it's a retelling of sleeping
beauty in the context of the holocaust.

robin (kortright, I'm afraid)

sorry betty I disapeared for so long. I just signed up to the list again a
little while ago - school's been catching up to me. but now I have cable
internet . . .

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