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From: Eli Grantaire <>
Date: Wed Jan 26 2000 - 21:10:40 PST

::glances at the subject line:: actually, more like random musings

The comment on Jennifer Robertson made me think of Pamela Dean (don't ask
how, my mind's weird) who wrote a modernized version of Tam Lin. It's part
of a series of modern fairy tales for adults . . . anyone read any of those?
  There's one by Steven Brust (Sun, Moon, and Stars), Pamela Dean (Tam Lin),
Patricia C. Wrede (Snow White and Rose Red) . . . those are the only ones I
can think of. : ) They're good (well, I haven't actually read Brust yet).
And there's an anthology of short stories called the Armless Maiden based on
some of the more disturbing fairy tales. It's actually really really good!

I think I read Lady of the Forest once . . . long long ago. Memory fails
me, except I remember that Marian was a really cool character. : )

I just wanted to say, that, reading some of the off-topic posts on this
mailing list, it amazes me (and touches me) to see people being so totally
wonderful to each other. (Sorry if I sound sappy!! I'm trying very hard
not to!) Even as I pray, I cannot help but thank God to see the way all of
you are so wonderful . . . and now I'm repeating myself. : ) Anyhow, I just
wanted to let you all know that you inspire me and give me hope.


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