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Date: Wed Sep 01 1999 - 20:34:43 PDT

   I LOVE Frank Peretti. I have "This Present Darkness", "Piercing the
Darkness", "The Oath", "The Prophet", and his newest "The Visitation".
They are all cool!
   "Threshold" is about a man who was scientifically planned to be the
ultimate intelligent product on our world. A group of 'scientist' on
another world manipulated our world events to bring this about. The
reason? An energy eating entity is headed this way from the vast cosmos.
 They needed help planning a way to stop it and they noticed humans had a
whole different approach to things. Hope. Through some ingenious
scientific maneuvering he manages to reach the alien's home world where
he meets the biggest challenge. Survival. The alien's had discovered a
latent power within through a 'threshold' of despair. Corey, being the
cocky earth man that he is, finds his 'threshold' in another way. All of
this drama is written with a wicked sense of humor. The author left
things wide open for a sequel. Unfortunately, "Threshold" came out in
about 1982. I don't think a second book will ever come out. Sigh. It's
about as bad as waiting for Robin McKinley to come out with another
Damarian tale.
   Well, enough of this. Needless to say that after eight years since
the last reading, "Threshold" left its mark on me. All of my favorite
books do.


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