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Thanks for the Info Betty but you got that from Del Rey. If anyone is interested in getting this kind of info every month Delrey has a newsletter or you can get it off there website through Randomhouse.


>Thought y'all would be interested in this, off another gropu I'm with:
>GREG BEAR is working fast and furious on an original Star Wars: Episode I
>novel, set three years after the events of The Phantom Menace and furthering
>the adventures of the young Obi-Wan Kenobi and his new apprentice, Anakin
>RAY BRADBURY is currently working on the screenplay for FAHRENHEIT 451, which
>will be produced by Mel Gibson's Icon Productions in conjunction with Warner
>TERRY BROOKS's contemporary fantasy series continues with ANGEL FIRE EAST, in
>bookstores October.
>JEANNE CAVELOS has signed on to write a three-book Babylon 5 Techno-mage
>series, which will follow Peter David's B5 Centauri trilogy.
>JAMES CLEMENS is applying the finishing touches to book three in The Banned
>and the Banished: WIT'CH WAR.
>DAVID AND LEIGH EDDINGS are turning their attention in a totally new
>direction; no details will be divulged until they are certain that the
>radically new and completely different magical system they're envisioning
>could actually work...
>ALAN DEAN FOSTER is hard at work on the next Pip & Flinx novel, REUNION.
>February 2000.
>JULIAN MAY has turned in ORION ARM, the second volume of her Rampart Worlds
>ANNE McCAFFREY has turned in PEGASUS IN SPACE, a follow-up novel to the
>classic TO RIDE PEGASUS and its sequel, PEGASUS IN FLIGHT, and bridge to her
>popular Rowan series.
>PHILIP PULLMAN's exciting conclusion to the story he started with THE GOLDEN
>COMPASS and THE SUBTLE KNIFE will be out in hardcover from Knopf Summer 2000.
>R. A. SALVATORE's Star Wars novel, VECTOR PRIME, will be in stores in October.
>He's now hard at work on an all-new trilogy following the saga begun in the
>DemonWars trilogy.
>(news from Del Rey )
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