Re: McKinley: Tell Amazon to shove off!!

From: John Clapp <>
Date: Sat Aug 14 1999 - 04:11:12 PDT

I've found Bibliofind to be an excellent source for finding all those REALLY
hard to find books. They seem to have everything eventually, and books I
once thought were hard to find will turn up 20 copies for sale at various
prices on there.

The other site I'd recommend is a similar one called Bibliocity
( I assume) which is the same idea but sometimes one will
have a book the other doesn't.

I've purchased several from both sites with no problems. One word of
warning mindful of your bank balance!!! I've found it's really
easy to click "order this book" when you finally find all those books you've
been wishing you could locate!

John Clapp

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