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Date: Mon Aug 09 1999 - 20:45:49 PDT

>Hey, I just remembered one of my other favorite
>books when I was little - "The Ordinary
>Princess," by M.M. Kaye. It's out of print, but
>there are lots of copies around... I love the
>illustrated hardcover. The story is pretty
>awesome, too, all you lovers of 'girls who do
>things.' She doesn't exactly go out and kill
>dragons, but she's not a layabout, delicate
>little blond angel of a princess, certainly.
>Enough from me. Goodnight!
>Danielle :)

Whoever posted that M.M. Kaye's mysteries left a lot to be wished for I
agree with. However, her other books (The Far Pavilions, Trade Wind,
something about a Moon and Shadows) aren't too bad. They're all set in
India which adds a exotic touch . . . and while her heroines aren't quite as
strong and determined as Robin's and her stories have a heavily romantic
list she makes me think a bit of Gone With the Wind and such epic like
books. On the whole, I rather liked her . . . and I ADORED An Ordinary
Princess. : ) "Lavender's blue . . . Rosemary's green . . . "

I started a love for fairy tales out of an old picture book my uncle used to
read to me . . . "The King's Trousers" . . . it wasn't a fairy tale, but I
fell in love with kings and all things related. I still read picture books
. . . love em to death. : ) The thing that attracts me to fairy tales is
somewhat the simplicity and somewhat the universal applicability. (Is that
a word?) Sometimes they've been oversimplified, yes . . . like goose girls
talking to dead horses and becoming queens for no reason whatsoever. But at
the same time, they leave you open to reinterpreting them . . . why does the
frog marry a princess who tried to break her promise? Plus that, they're
hopeful . . . even a farm girl can be a princess. It's escapism, yes, but I
can admit to that fault at least. So I guess Ms. Hearne was right.

And Tawen, you make sense. : ) And growing up is scary. I'm in the middle
of doing that right now and there's not much I wouldn't give to be just a
kid again . . . though I like it sometimes. : ) And I've forgotten
everything else I wanted to say . . . drat. : ) Well, until memory
returns, I remain . . .

--eli : )

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