McKinley: Darkangel series

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Date: Sat Aug 07 1999 - 19:18:53 PDT

If there is a fourth book in the Darkangel series, I've always thought that
Aeriel would have Iryllath's child. The Woman Who Loved Reindeer is also
very good. There's a passage in the Darkangel that sounds like The Hero
and the Crown. Aeriel is telling the darkangel the story of the
"Maiden-Eater." Here are the relevant parts:
        "The tale was a long one, about a kingdom besieged by a dragon and the
king's daughter who slew it and the young hero who helped her. . .[The
darkangel speaking] It is evident that you have never seen a firedrake. . .
they do not spit brimston; they breathe sulfur and flame . . .No mere
mortal could have killed one single-handed." Aeriel: "Her sword _was_ magic."
        How about that? The only problem- The Darkangel was published before Hero!
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