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From: Sarah Imholt <>
Date: Thu Aug 05 1999 - 15:10:04 PDT wrote:

>finally, and this has more to do with peter than with robin, but >can anyone
recommend some good books about "pre-history," besides _the >clan of the cave
bear_? peter seems obsessed with this type of story, or >at least that's the
impression i get from _a bone from a dry sea_ and >_eva_ and his new series,
"the kin."

I printed out a listing off Fairrosa a while ago--I checked the address and it
is still there. It is a list of Historical Fiction: Ancient Civilizations to
the Middle Ages. Here's the site:

They are arranged by age group, ages 8-13 and 13-17. "Kids' Books," yes, but
still good stuff. I've only read a handful of the listed books.


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