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> witty. Hey, J. Gregory Keyes, Terry Brooks, and
> Steven Brust were there, too... if anyone's
> interested I'll give detail. To sum up, Brust
> was the life of the party, Hat and all.

<whimper> More Brust, more Brust!

> Terry Brooks wrote two series about the Sword of
> Shannara (well, they weren't all about the sword,
> but it was peripherally there), and in each, the
> first was the best (again IMUO). If you get

Hey, that's what I'm told about Piers Anthony. "He writes one decent book,
and then a series of awful clones."

> anything else by him - his perceived
> 'commercialism' is 'cause of his writing the book
> versions of a couple high-profile movies, huh?

I thought it was for writing a bad clone of _Lord of the Rings_. But I
haven't read him.

> about five ways... I liked "Freedom and
> Necessity," with Emma Bull - anyone else read it?
Yes, and like it a lot. It made me nostalgic for good correspondents in my
life, though.

-xx- Damien X-)
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