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From: Eli Grantaire <>
Date: Mon Jul 19 1999 - 12:30:57 PDT

I know that for all of the stories you mentioned there are children's book
versions (with illustrations). I'm not sure if that's what you were looking
for when you asked for cartoon or novelized versions. If they are, go visit
the children's section of the library sometime. In the nonfiction section .
. . I can't remember the dewey decimals, but it's near the beginning, over
by Christmas traditions and stuff. I wish I could give you the
authors/illustrators and titles, but I have a horrible memory when it comes
to names. As for the Year's Best Fantasy and Horror, Windling and Datlow
also publish anthologies like _Snow White, Blood Red_, _Ruby Slippers,
Golden Tears_ . . . The most recent one to come out (whose title I have
forgotten, again) is excellent. Any one of them might contain the stories
you were looking for. Also, there's another anthology (also
Datlow-Windling, I think, but I may be mistaken) called the Armless Maiden.
The focus is on a child's perspective to those stories . . . fairy tales
where children are abused or lost or mutilated. (The title referrs to one
such story.)

And someone please print the answer to those riddles!! As for the one at
the two doors in Labryinth, if Disney's Mulan webpage is still up, one of
the "ancient chinese riddles" posted there is the same one, and the answer
is given as well. As for the "I am lying" riddle, I read a lovely story
once (sci-fi) where a man causes a computer to fall apart (my vocab's dying
: P) with that one. I don't think it has an answer, doesn't it? It's a
paradox. : )


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