McKinley: star trek/ marsh magic

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Date: Mon May 17 1999 - 14:43:25 PDT

sorry if i've already asked this, but which of the star trek movies are worth seeing and which ones(if any) aren't worth paying for?(are they ever going to make a movie with the deep space nine or voyager characters?) also, completely unrelated: i was just looking for my copy of _silver birch, blood moon_ so i could re-read "marsh magic," and i can't find it!:( [i must have left it at college in my roommate's apartment] - but anyway, one of the reasons i wanted to reread it was cuz i remember being a little confused about the ending(where certain mysteries are supposedly resolved) the first time i read it, but now it's been so long and my memory is so bad that i can barely remember the ending at all - could someone please explain the ending to me?(and mark your message "spoilers" to warn those who haven't read it yet...thanks.
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