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> I have never actually read a book written by Terri, but I have read several anthologies that she's compiled, including the series _The Year's Best Fanatsy and Horror_ and the modern fairy tale ones, such as _Ruby Slippers, Golden Tears_ and _Silver Birch, Blood Moon_ (the one with 'Marsh Magic' in it). These are all good places to find authors that you might want to read more of.
> As for Vonda, I believe she wrote _Psion_ and _Catspaw_, which are more sci-fi than fantasy but still good (they're the only ones I found at my library, I think). I'm also pretty sure she recently released a sort of alternate history/fantasy about Louis XIV of France (the one who built Versailles), which I really should read as I'm such a francophile.
> I'm sure Robin has other writer friends, but I have no idea who.
> Maren Williams

I thought Joan D. Vinge wrote Psion and Catspaw...yes?
Just checking-I have no idea what McIntyre has written.


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