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Felicitations and salutatiosn, all!

There is indeed a sequal to the NeverEnding Story. Two of them, to be
precise. As I recall, the first movie covers the first third of the book
(sort of), the second movie covers the last third of the book (sort of ), and
the third movie, I have no idea WHERE that came from. My favorite part of
the book, the middle, true to form, was not made into a movie. ::sighs::
Ah, well, they'd have screwed it up anyways. I recall the third movie as
having been pretty bad- amusing, certainly, for a die-hard fan, but by no
means a great cinematic achievement. The second I really don't recall well.

The Wayland Drew Willow book, I agree, was readable but certainly not

Anyways, that's my 2 cents worth. To my knowledge, the third NeverEnding
Story movie was not novelized, which is really probably just as well.

Valete, all, and have a wonderful evening!

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