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Sofia, (and others)
    I can't help you with the fantasy magazines, but if you liked Kinuko's
painting, I thought you might want to know she has a couple children's books
out too. I haven't seen all of them, but the two I saw were really nice
visually. (I didn't read the stories, but I believe they are
fantasy-based...Pegasi and the like)
    Kinuko is indeed near the top of the field, and she's a nice as she is
skilled! (She's a "business" friend I run into every year or so.)

John Clapp - illustrator of "The Stone Fey" by Robin

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>Hi everyone! I just got my issue of Realms of Fantasy, and it had a close
>of the illustration on Hero, on page 66. It was by Kinuko Y. Craft, who is
>quite famous in her field of art, as I have read.

>Sofia A. D.

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