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>my mom is finally seriously considering buying a whippet, and i know we've
>discussed whippets before, but my mom heard somewhere that there's a smaller
>breed of whippets called "italian" whippets - does anyone know anything
>about them? how do they compare in temperment, etc, to other whippets? i've
>gotten some info off the net about italian greyhounds, which are as small as
>or even smaller than regular whippets, so i guess some people use italian
>whippet/greyhound interchangeably...

Italian greyhounds are a "toy" breed of dog, very much like a full size
greyhound in shape, but very small. Whippets are larger than Italian
Greyhounds. I have only met one Italian Greyhound, but he was a little
devil, peeing in the house regularily and tearing around at lightspeed.
Whippets tend to be calmer and more interested in obeying the rules
in my experience.

You might have her look at a new breed, Silken Windhounds. They are a
small sighthound like the whippets, about the same size, but have a silky
coat. I have two and consider them to be the best pet breed I have every
had, and I have had plenty of dogs to compare them to.

More information on Silken Windhounds can be found at:

And you can see a picture of my Merlin at:


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