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Hi everybody! I'm new to this mailing list, so if whatever I say has already
been said please excuse me.
I'm just curious to see what everybody thinks of each of McKinley's books.
Rate them from 1 to 50, 50 being the best, and 0 if you haven't read it. This
is long -- sorry

Blue Sword -- 39 it deserved the medal it won -- and several more
The Hero and the Crown -- 37 very good, didn't like the ending much (it
should have been Luthe!)
Outlaws of Sherwood -- 0
Beauty -- 46 very very good, couldn't stop reading
Rose Daughter -- 45
Stone Fey -- from Imaginary Lands -- forgot
A Knot in the Grain -- 46 i just like happy endings
                   The Stagman -- 37 and mystirious ones too, if i
remember right
                   Touk's house -- 41
                   Buttercups -- 40
                   A Knot in the Grain -- 29 am i the only one but do
you not like modern fairytales either?
Deerskin -- 45 even though i got very upset from reading it the first
time, it was still very good.
A Door in the Hedge --
                 The Stolen Princess -- 0
                 The Princess and the Frog -- 34
                 The Hunting of the Hind -- 0
                 The Twelve Dancing Princesses -- 33 i actually skipped
some paragraphs but it was ok

I hope you like reading other people opinions as much as i do, and that mine
isn't too boring.
Thanks and
pleeease reply,
Sofia A. D.
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