Re: McKinley: deep space nine

From: Cameron Lynn <>
Date: Tue Apr 06 1999 - 07:04:08 PDT

oh yeah, i also forgot to ask about star trek, voyager - is that still on?
how does it fit in with deep space nine - are the two shows set in the same
time/place? do the characters from the two shows ever interact?

i also have, as usual, a question completely unrelated to robin: does
anyone know anything about graduate studies in "speech pathology"(unless
other people on the list express an interest in hearing about it, if you
know anything about it could you just email me individually?). one of my
mom's friends mentioned to her that i might enjoy a career in speech
pathology, which may be true, only i don't know what kind of classes are
required at the graduate level - biology or psychology or both or...?


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