McKinley: Glad Tidings/Robin's kids books

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Date: Mon Jan 18 1999 - 23:15:45 PST

Oooohh.... A personal copy of Rose Daughter, chocolates, and time to
read...sounds like heaven!

I discovered somehting wonderful today...Spent the afternoon surfing the net
(instead of doing something I *should* have been doing, of course), and
telnetted into the Williamsburg Library's catalog...and looked up McKinley.
I'm going tomorrow to get a card! They have Imaginary Lands!!!!! Be still
my heart! They have most of Robin's solo books (or so the catalog says),
too. ::chuckles:: I'm going to end up walking in and cleaning out their
children's section. Speaking of which, any comments on her children's books?
Any that I should look for especially?

Well, that's about all, I'm off to bed. Have to get up early to get that
library card, after all...

Cheery January, all!,
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