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From: Jen <>
Date: Tue Dec 22 1998 - 19:08:04 PST

Sabriel is -wonderful-!! It's high on my list of favorite books. And I'm
excited that there's a sequel coming out. I've been waiting for it for a
long, long, time. Well, at least a year.

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Date: Thursday, December 17, 1998 5:15 PM
Subject: McKinley: owl service/sirena/sabriel

>has anyone read _the owl service_ by alan garner? i tried to get it at
>amazon but it's out of print. my english professor said it was really good
>but too scary to be called a children's book.
>has anyone read _sabriel_ by garth nix or a book called _sirena_ - i can't
>remember the author's name - nipoli? something like that...i know you
>shouldn't judge a book by it's cover but i just glanced at those two books
>in the store and they looked pretty interesting...
>p.s. - starting saturday i'm going to be without e-mail for almost a month
>and during that time all the e-mail i get is going to be erased from the
>college server, so if anything major happens in the world of robin in the
>next few weeks, someone please announce it again at the end of january!
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