McKinley: English History

From: Eli Grantaire <>
Date: Sat Nov 28 1998 - 08:42:40 PST

I can't think of any specific titles, but I've always found Richard the
III to be very interesting. There are even several webpages on him . .
.whose URLS I can't remember . . . (this forgetting business is getting
a bit annoying). Usually, when I'm looking for books on a subject, I
just wander around the library until I see an interesting title . . .
it's worked so far! : ) Anyways, the nonfiction books are usually more
interesting (well, some of them, anyways, the more well written ones)
than the fiction, for me.


P.S. To whomever it was who was looking for a pic and bio of Robin
McKinley, there's a nice entry about her in the Contemporary Authors for
Young Adults series complete with a rather nice picture of her. : ) (I
couldn't remember your email address.)

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