McKinley: the first in a month...........

From: ED <>
Date: Sun Oct 04 1998 - 17:20:13 PDT

Hey all!!!! I suppose that I am the first in about a month(?) to do this.
(whatever you'd call it.) Anyways, i was reading the old discussion and I
found that there were hints to
how old all these people were, and as I found out, they were like, in
college and older.
I'm sorry, but I am only 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing, huh. Well, I have all
ways been amazed by the printed word, and I started to read about Damar
when I was like in .....4th grade. In the old discussion, they talked about
movies and stuff, and I laughed, ....... I cried.
There isn't much for me to say, and I gots to go now ,
                  Milly :-)

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