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On Sep 29, 3:31pm, Madeline wrote:

> So I just checked for _Stone Fey._ It seems likes it's the
> same story, only I don't remember the one I read as being set in Damar,

I remember it being set in Damar, although I can't remember why. Possibly a
small reference to some mage lurking in the mountains (Luthe).

I agree that _Beauty_ seems set in England. The geography matches: moving
north of London would take you into more wooded, wilder areas. Moving north
of Paris would hit Brittany or Normandy -- possibly wilder, but notably
coastal. And I think _Rose Daughter_ is in a version of England too -- one
with the magic cranked way up, obviously. I don't remember either version
having churches or priests, although the sorcerers in RD seem to fill an
analogous role.

And of course Damar itself is the north of Daria, which is just India, invaded
by the very British Homelanders, and continually denies entry to the poor
Northerners who are simply trying to get the hell out of the Himalayas where
there's nothing to eat but their own spells...

Fun exercise: trying to imagine where _Deerskin_ take place. On their own the
seven kingdoms would be place in Fairyland -- not the place where elves live,
but the place where fairy tales happen. Then Ossin throws out that damn
reference to Aerin and Maur. Seven smallish kingdoms, full of white people,
near mountains, with a very medieval feel, between 1450 and 1900 AD.

(Harry is 1850-1900 our time; Aerin is 500 years before; Aerin is "a long time
ago" to Ossin.)

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