McKinley: Beauty Setting?

From: Madeline <>
Date: Tue Sep 29 1998 - 15:30:16 PDT

        So I just checked for _Stone Fey._ It seems likes it's the
same story, only I don't remember the one I read as being set in Damar,
which this one is...maybe I just. Anyway, I was looking up _Beauty_
because I was thinking of writing a review, and one of the suggested topics
of related books was France...I thought this was odd because I never
thought of the book as being set in France (even though I know B&B is a
french story) I always think of it in England, maybe because Robin's
language seems very English to me. Also, the names seem more
English...just the fact that Honour has a 'u' in it makes me immediately
think "England." This may not have been intentional, I don't know. Where
do you guys picture it being?
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