McKinley: Re: RM site

From: Damien R. Sullivan <>
Date: Mon Jul 13 1998 - 10:37:08 PDT

On Jul 13, 6:59am, Amanda Ridder wrote:
> Damien, is the RM site still out there somewhere? I can't find it anymore...

Theoretically. is a parasitic machine of Caltech students and alumni,
and lost its host when our agent graduated. Another member offered a net feed
at his job, and the machine was shipped to him. It did not arrive functional.
Recovery measures are under way. It is possible the site will have to be
recreated from scratch. I hope not.

The list and list archives are on more stable machines; the list itself lives
on a main Caltech computer, whose name is probably as immortal as anything on
the Net gets.

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