McKinley: A Knot In The Grain

Date: Tue Jul 14 1998 - 18:36:17 PDT

to help ease the pain! Anyway, I wanted to know what other people
thought of "A Knot In The Grain".
To me it seemed very incomplete, as if McKinley rushed through the
writing process. I also don't see any evidence of what made her
other books, in my opinion, so individual; none of the charectors
seem to have any say in thier lives. (i.e. born, grow-up, get married
young, go see Luth) Where is the plot? I LOVED "Blue Sword" and
"Hero" but although these stories are set in what could be considered
Damar (maybe) they were not written as well as it's predecessors.
         Enough of my blabing, what do you think?
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