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12th June, 1998. 11:50 p.m.

I've read "Swan Lake" by Mark Helprin and I loved it. I haven't read the
other two in the series yet ("A City in Winter" and "A Veil of Snows"). All
of them are so beautiful though - the colour plates and the texture of the
paper... mmmm. I know that his other books are supposed to be really good
too but I haven't read them.

You might want to check out Russell Hoban too. He's pretty cool. I've read
only two books by him - "The Lion of Jachin Boaz and Boaz Jachin" (there's
a desert in there) and "The Mouse and His Child" - one of the cutest
children's stories (though entertaining for adults too) that I've read.

And of course the Gormenghast Trilogy - no deserts, just one big sprawling
fantastic castle. That's by Mervyn Peake - one of my personal favouries:
"Titus Groan", "Gormenghast" and "Titus Alone". It is hard to get into but
one you do it is brilliant just for its characters, the absurdity, the
almost surreal images... well, enough raving....


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