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>p.s. - what's the difference between the stories "the 7th swan," "the 6
>and "the wild swans"?
(these are all fairy tales, ne?)
The Six Swans was when a King remarried, and put his seven children (six
boys and one girl) into a castle in the woods, to hide them from their
step-mother (he thought she would harm them, just goes to show what a nice
relationship they had). Anyways, the new Queen wasn't very happy with this,
and made some shirts with a spell upon them, and went to the castle (I
don't remember how she received the directions..).. the boys thought she
was their father, and ran to meet him, and she threw the shirts on them,
and they turned into swans and flew off, with the girl knowing nothing (and
the queen knowing nothing of the girl).
There's more, but my eyes hurt and I need sleep.. or Tylenol.. I know I've
seen it online in one of Andrew Lang's Fairy Books.. And I'm not too sure
about the other two.

>p.p.s. - who was thomas the rhymer?
Thomas the Rhymer is a character from a Scottish ballad (with the same
name). Basically, he meets the Queen of the Fairies and stays with them
(the fairies..) for seven years.
There's more at Abigail Acland's Tam Lin Pages

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