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> charles de lint
Jack the Giant Killer was decent.

> joan d. vinge
I remember liking _Psion_, but that was a long time ago.

> p.c. hodgell
I very much recommend _God Stalk_, _Dark of the Moon_, and _Seeker's Mask_,
which are the only noves she's written. The first two may be in a library
near you. Expect to pay lots of money for your own copies.

> p.p.s. - who was thomas the rhymer?
Some guy the Faerie Queen liked, so she took him for seven years, binding him
to silence. When he returned, his tongue always spoke true: he couldn't lie,
but he could prophesy. I don't know of any original tales, just a ballad,
although the story has been integrated into a book or two.

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