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>Several authors are part of the series, the best one by far is "Snow >White, Rose Red" (can't remember her name either, sorry, >probably knows.)

The author is Patricia C. Wrede. I haven't read it (yet) but here is
some more info on the FAiry Tale Series by Windling:

Another book in the series is Briar Rose by Jane Yolen--I found this
book fascinating. It combines the basic Briar Rose fairytale with the
story of a woman's survival of the Holocaust. This sounds like two
completely incompatible topics, but they are meshed in a delicate yet
horrible way (as so many Holocaust stories are because of the truth of
the matter). The story relates a granddaughter's discovery of her
grandmother's survival and escape in Nazi Germany after her grandma has
passed away. Excellent reading-unable to put down.

Other books in the Fairy Tale series include Tam Lin by Pamela Dean
(very good, mixing a girl's college experience with the Tam Lin legend),
The Sun, the Moon, and the Stars by Steven Brust (I didn't really like
this book at all), and Jack the Giant Killer by Charles de Lint (I
thought this was a little weird, but it was ok. I wouldn't read it
again), lastly is The Nightengale by Kara Dalkey, which I have not read.

Hope this helps!
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