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in response to whomever said there wasn't a "warning" on their edition of _deerskin_, there is a quotation at the very top of the back cover of mine warning that deerskin is a "fairy tale for adults." i remember when i first saw the book and read the back cover, i could guess, without it being said explicitly, that deerskin had been physically abused in some way, since on the back it mentioned her father's wrath and on the front it pictured her as a young woman with white hair - maybe all editions don't have that picture, but if they do, i'm sure even kids younger than i was when i read it can figure out the connection between the back cover summary and the picture, if not from either the summary or the picture alone. i know it's a cliche that "kids grow up faster these days," but from what i've seen it seems to be true - more children are forced to deal with "adult issues" at a younger age, and though i've never found _deerskin_ in the children's section of a bookstore, i wou!
ldn't be upset if i did. the story obviously may disturb some people, but it's worth it if, by being shelved alongside robin's "lighter" books, it can reach the children that need it most.(remember, this is not some trashy writer exploiting sexual issues to sell a book - robin's intelligent and understanding treatment of the physical and mental reality of abuse will be able to help heal some people, not wound them further) i also don't understand how people can dismiss the book as "dark" - how can you turn away from the reality that life can be "dark" - shouldn't you try to understand that darkness rather than ignore it out of fear - isn't that the beginning of ignorance? ok, sorry if i offended anyone - i didn't mean any of this as a personal attack, i just wish people would face up to "the dark side of the force," at least when it's as truthfully presented as in _deerskin_...on a lighter and unrelated note, whoever metioned an essay of robin's in "literature for today's youn!
g adults," which issue/year/editor, etc, was that + how can i get a copy?
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