Re: McKinley: Stone Fey

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Date: Tue Mar 31 1998 - 19:44:20 PST

I liked that story (-=

"Fey" seems, in most of the stuff I read, to be another word
for "Fairy."

I thought that he never smiled because he wasn't human, and
that she (the shepherdess, whose name I unfortunately
cannot remember) loved him because he was linked to the hills,
and she loved the hills. That was why she had to leave
the hills when she decided not to go with him. She had to
break her link with the hills.

My problem was deciding why she had to leave him, and the
best I could come up with was that he was pulling her away
from her humanity & that she ultimately had to choose--leave
him & the hills & stay human, or go with him & become Other.


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