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On Feb 21, 5:56pm, Clara Duong wrote:

> than Hero and I've always wanted to know what happened next. Come to think
> of it, any Damar stories would probably have been about 'What Happened
> Before' rather than what happens next.
Well, her first story was about Tommy and Leo, whom I'll bet come later
than Sword.

> about Connie Willis. I guess we still have no idea about that mysterious
> 'Sequel to the Hero and the Crown' which is referred to at I
> don't think I dare ask now!
I saw a new edition of _Hero_ in the bookstore a few weeks ago. I
suspect that was it. Taller and wider and thinner than usual, with a
sword and dragon on the border of the cover, rather than the attempt at
scene illustration on the old book. I didn't notice anything else
special about it.

> Martian Death Cold? Is that like hayfever?

Maybe. It's a cold, but I don't go around with lots of kleenex; I
mostly stay at home and mouthbreathe and try to sleep and whimper. I've
drawn sick pay for the first time ever this week, and it's for a cold.
Never been this bad before. New mutation, possibly.

Watching vaccine research with keen interest,
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