Re: McKinley: was it just me or...?

From: Clara Duong <>
Date: Fri Feb 20 1998 - 22:56:06 PST

I have to confess to feeling quite sad about the fact that Robin may have
left Damar behind her. I'm one of the rare few that liked Sword a lot more
than Hero and I've always wanted to know what happened next. Come to think
of it, any Damar stories would probably have been about 'What Happened
Before' rather than what happens next.

Ah well. I'll read anything Robin writes, I think she's great. Even the
'not so good' is miles ahead of other people. It's a bit like how I feel
about Connie Willis. I guess we still have no idea about that mysterious
'Sequel to the Hero and the Crown' which is referred to at I
don't think I dare ask now!

Martian Death Cold? Is that like hayfever?


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