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Date: Sat Jan 24 1998 - 19:49:02 PST

hello everybody! I have internet access again!!! (now you know why I didn't write to you for six months, betty).
And I still don't have rose daughter! (please excuse all these exclamation marks - computers can do this to you. Terry Pratchett says that five exclamation marks, all in a row, are a sure sign of an insane mind - I'm getting closer!!). I hate my library. And I can't afford the $25 for the hardcover version because I'm going to spend my every last dollar travelling around europe in less than a month (!!!) . so you don't have to feel *too* sorry for me.
But I digress. My hateful library's computer has a listing for an audio tape of Hero, which was still in 'on order' limbo the last time I checked. I was assuming that that was the new book. Does anyone know anything else about this? who reads it? Is it abridged?
robin (k., I'm afraid - nothing more interesting. I'm going to have to think up a nickname for myself.)
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